Dirty Secrets of a Blogger

Other bloggers may hate me for this, but did you know... Blogger is the illegitimate, red headed step child of Google. I kid you not. Blogger is looked down upon and hated. 

Now, you may already know this, but the question becomes... Why and How did it get that way? Because of bloggers. Because bloggers are out to make money.

The thing about Blogger? It's free. Free to anyone and everyone. You can't make money off it. You can't sell it to anyone. There is no affiliate link to market to the masses. There is no commission to be made. 

But, by god, you can sell content management and self hosting and tutorials for purchasing said content management and hosting. And let me tell you, bloggers make a ton of money off that. A ton of money. For some, it's the majority of their revenue. 

The funny thing is...The same goes for the pharmacology industry or any business for that matter. No one is going to produce drugs and medications or blogs you can't make money off of.

You may ask, why am I blogging about the platform, Blogger? Well, honestly, I just couldn't believe what I've been reading. And there is ton of it out there. I have been blogging for over five years. And now that a good number of blogs, "blog about blogging"... I just had to say something. The amount of negativity surrounding Blogger is really unfair and lots of it is untrue.

Maybe you are already using Blogger. Do other bloggers look down on you for using Blogger? Yes, because you are not a follower. Instead you want to make your own way. 99% of the information online about Blogger is false. Did you know that?

 They may tell you things like...you can't have your own domain name, you can't customize your blog, Google is going to get rid of Blogger, and that Google can take down and kill your blog whenever it wants too. It's all a ploy to get you to click on one of their affiliate links so they can make money off you. 

They will tell you things like: If you want to be a legitimate blogger, "Don't use Blogger". That so called REAL BLOGGERS don't use Blogger. 

Well, I'm here to tell you differently. Blogger is Google. I have the security of Google backing up my blog. Google is a powerhouse. There is no need to worry. No hacking going on over here. That's a big plus in my book.

Here's the deal. Bloggers read other blogs, it spirals out of control and becomes a vicious cycle, because of lack of original and unique content. They take the word of another blogger instead of researching and verifying information for themselves.

The dirty secrets and lies are as follows.
  • The first lie is You can't have your own domain name. When you start a blog on Blogger, you are given a URL name with .BlogSpot in it. It looks like this. www.daisiesandstars.blogspot.com. This is so super easy to fix. You go buy a domain. There are lots of places you can get your domain name at. And that is really the only money you have to spend. And I do recommend spending it. When I see a .BlogSpot, it makes me think you are not in for the long haul. I put no trust in you. You are unprofessional. When I see www.daisiesandstars.com I think... oh, cute. And it cost less than your monthly coffee bill. Much less. Check out GoDaddy.
  • Another lie they tell is that you can't customize Blogger. Blogger is 100% customizable. Clearly they have never worked in this platform and are going off gossip. Blogger has a compose mode and an HTML mode.  It's not as hard as you think to work in HTML code. I don't know it. But I can cheat my way through, with a little feature called copy and paste.You can completely make your blog your own. And if you don't like any of their themes, you can even plop in a theme that perhaps you bought off Etsy. Lots of Blogger blog themes are at the ready. And none are expensive. 
  • This next one gets a tiny bit iffy, that Google can take down your blog. Well, if you want to run a blog that's full of iffy pictures, i.e. porn, then most definitely get your own site hosting or think about Tumblr. It's full of porn. But otherwise, don't be stupid with your content and you will be fine. I'm confident in Google. It's Google. Think about it this way...Do you post videos on YouTube? Did you know YouTube is Google? Do you feel secure with your videos on YouTube? Why wouldn't you feel secure with your blog on Blogger?
  •  And the last lie is a biggie. Google is getting rid of Blogger. No one knows when or if Blogger is going away. No one. Again, more gossip. 

 Oh...and a big, huge plus to working with Blogger....It's Google. When Joe Schmo searches online for blah blah, who's site do you think is going to take Joe Schmo to you? That's right. Google. Pinterest is my number one traffic generator. But, Google, it's always number 2. It brings tons of traffic.

 And my pages always load super fast. No lag here. There is no wait for images to load.

It's also super easy to move between Google, Blogger, YouTube, Google Analytics, and AdSense. Blogger also comes standard with Google Analytics and AdSense. No need to install anything. Monetizing your blog is super easy peasy.

 Use what works for you. I say, Blogger is great. If at one point, you hit it big and want to "legitimize" your blog, then you can always transfer your blog over. And that's okay.


Kierra Makayla said…
I used to use blogger in the beginning of my blogging days but switched to Wordpress, biggest mistake! I hated it. I’m now on squarespace and loved it! I did also love blogger. This was such a great informative post!

K.T. Lynn said…
I think whatever makes the blogger comfortable is best. I've blogged on blogger, wordpress.com and wordpress.org and I'm still learning :)
Rash said…
Interesting information on Blogger. My friend uses it and see was thinking to switch to something else, I will now give her this information so that it can help make a more informed choice
Erin P said…
Thank you for sharing this. I have been fighting with my hosting company for nearly a month. I do use a self hosted platform and I am consistently locked out or my pages won't load. Saying the site may be down or moved. I have been thinking about this for a while.
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