My favorite Things for December

I'm sure you will agree, Christmas is the best time of the year. Everyone is cheerful. Christmas music is playing and so are the Christmas movies. My absolute favorite is Christmas Vacation. But I'm also lovin' a Christmas movie on Netflix right now called The Spirit Of Christmas. Anybody seen it?  Mmm, maybe I'll write a post on my favorite Christmas movies! It's also cold outside. I take that back. This is Texas. It's 78 degrees outside today. Literally. Sometimes I think, why can't we have Christmas in January when it might actually snow? Notice the word might is bolded. Anyway, I digress. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. And the number one reason why is the giving. It's so much easier to gift give this time of year. It's like retailers save their best fashions and products for right now. You walk into a store and absolutely fall in love with everything you see. You walk out with gifts for others and gifts for you in hand. What could be better?

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So I thought I'd show you my favorites for December. Really, it's more of my Christmas list. Get them for you and for others of course on your Christmas list. 

This is so adorable. Notice
even Jessica has one.

Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace and nail
lacquer to match.

If you haven't smelled this, 
you really should. 

This is perfect for those Hot Toddies!
Maybe not appropriate for work???

Cozy night by the fire.

This is the cutest!

Perfect for Netflix and chill.

Feels so good on dry Winter skin.

Becca. That's all.

Vintage and modern.

Sparkle up any room.


Happy Shopping!


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