Make Coconut Oil Melts

Do you love coconut oil, but hate using it in the Winter? Coconut oil is so versatile and amazing. But when it's cold, it sucks to use. It gets hard, almost like it's frozen. Well, here's a little tip to make your coconut oil life oh so much easier. Make a coconut oil melt. They are cute little pieces of coconut oil to make your life happy.
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All you need is a saucepan for melting the coconut oil in, an old bendable cup for pouring the oil, and a candy mold. 

  1. Melt it down. Pull out a sauce pan and melt your desired amount of coconut oil on low.
  2. Pour the melted oil into a candy mold. I like to use a small bendable cup for easy pouring. It can get messy. 
  3. Put the candy mold in the fridge until hard. It won't take long. Check back in 30 minutes.
  4. Pop out the coconut oil out of mold and store in the fridge. I like to keep mine in a mason jar.
  5. Then you have them ready for easy instant use.

I found my candy mold at Hobby Lobby. And I just love it. Measured out, each little flower is 2.5 teaspoons. You can easily measure yours by filling your candy mold with water using a teaspoon.

I love to take a coconut melt and pop it into my morning collagen cocktail or smoothie. And I'm good. Check back for my morning collagen cocktail later. It's chock full of good stuff, like coconut oil, matcha and collagen of course.


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