Is Gray Hair Beautiful? 4 Months In

So, I'm now into my 4th month of not coloring my hair. I'm letting my gray hairs have their glory and roam free on my head. I am full of roller coaster emotions regarding my gray hair right now. I'm certain it comes from what's been pounded into my mind for years... appear as young as you can. And youth... youth equals no gray hair.

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We are taught about hair color and hair dye from a young age. You either want to darken it, lighten it, or cover and hide it. Hair color can completely change you. You can have pink hair, blue hair or whatever you want. As a brunette, it's quite an experience to become a blond. And I'm sure it's the same for blonds becoming brunettes. People look at you differently and treat you differently. And it's the same for gray hair too. Got gray hair? You must be old.

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Our culture's attitudes stem from the fact that so many people are forever chasing that fountain of youth wanting to not just to look younger, but be younger. Hiding your gray hair can have an abundant effect on your age. It can take years if not decades off of your look.

Is it what we see? In advertising? On TV? In movies? Why do men want younger women? Is that it? To be appealing to men, we must look younger or go unnoticed? Models all have flawless skin, Victoria Secret gorgeous hair, long thick lashes, full just kissed lips. Society tells us to dye your gray hairs, hide your skin imperfections with makeup, apply those false lashes and make your lips swell. Is that what we all aspire to have? I'm not going to lie. I do. I want the perfect skin, hair, lashes and lips. Here's the thing though, I want a different version. Or I need a different version. The amount of gray hair at my temples is out of control. I can no longer hide it. Coloring had became my number one job. Every two to three weeks I'd strip down, put on an old t-shirt, pull the bathroom mats up off the floor and cover my hair in dye. But it never lasted long. Not nearly long enough.  So I quit. You get into this hateful relationship with coloring your hair. It's the mind game that's telling you, you're not good enough. You're not young enough. You're not beautiful enough. It's a hard pill to swallow.

So I ask the question. Is gray beautiful? I don't know. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm a roller coaster of emotions. One day, I'm fine. No problem. I like the way that my hair is growing in and changing. The brown and the gray mix and blend in rather nicely and I become optimistic for the future me in 2 to 3 years (when all the brown hair dye has grown out).  And the thought of attaining healthier hair is very appealing to me. Not putting bleach and color on my hair frequently is a win win in my book. Then I have the days that it's hard to look at myself in the mirror. I think what am I doing? You love dark, rich brown hair. It will only take you an hour to have it. You look so old. Why am I doing this again? I question myself over and over. I can pay for the hair dye. I have the time for the hair dye. I'm only 43. I'm not 63. What am I doing again?

Going gray has made me more conscious of other areas of my face like my eyes. I would hate it, if people thought I was older than I am. Why is looking young so important?

There is a movement currently going on though. I'm not the first to stop dyeing my hair. And even younger girls are bleaching and dyeing their hair gray. Is it a trend? Is gray hair becoming more acceptable? Popular, I dare say. How long will this last?

Is gray hair beautiful? I'm hoping so.
I think I asked more questions than I answered.
Sad situation.

Catch up on my 4 month gray hair journey vlog.


You look beautiful grey or dark!

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