I Washed With Muslin. It Was Amazing!

I thought I had exfoliation down straight. I washed, I scrubbed. I loved scrubbing. If you want an immediate difference in your skin, a good scrub is the answer. Then everything changed when I started washing my face with muslin cloth. I was missing out. Now, I only wash my face with muslin. It's the bomb. I'm not gonna lie. If you want some amazing soft skin, muslin is where to go. I might sound kinda salesy right now, but OMG, after just one wash you will love it. Give it a full week and it will transform your skin and you will never look back. 

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Wondering what muslin is? Muslin is breathable fine woven cotton fabric.You can always find it in the baby department, but lately it's been showing up in the beauty and cosmetic department too. And it will be the best thing you ever use on your face. It will give you super fine exfoliation. Exfoliation is the difference between dull skin and radiant skin. It will get rid of the dead skin cells clogging up your pores, enhancing your lines and hiding your beautiful glowing skin. If you normally scrub your face once or twice a week, you won't need to anymore. You might not ever need to again. Check out my favorite.

So, I'm begging you, please don't wait. You will kick yourself for not trying this now. It's amazing. 


Stephanie said…
Thank for the suggestion im always looking for new ideas for exfoliating!! Im off to find one of my youngests blankets now to make a few washcloths out of 😂😍
Sara said…
Interesting! I've never thought to wash my face with muslin. I need to exfoliate more, so I'll probably check it out. Thanks for the tip! :)
Thanks a million! I would have never thought of this and I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to exfoliate. Thank you!
I had no idea!!! Will have to try this!
Anonymous said…
The font makes it a bit irritating. But other than that great post and thoughts.
Michelle said…
I've only used muslin for quilting and sewing dish towels. After reading this, I'll have to try it for washing up, too. Thanks for the tip!

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