Going, Going, Gone... Striping Your Hair Color

As many of you know, I'm in the process of growing out my gray hair. My hair is so long, that it might take a long while. I'm thinking maybe 2 to 3 plus years to get all the box color off my hair. Holy Crap. That's like a really long time. I don't know if I'm up for that. Can we not speed this up? No way do I want to go through life with half brown, half gray hair. Uh huh!

In my endeavor to grow my gray hair out, I started thinking about two things. One, can I increase the rate of growth for my hair? And two, can I get the brown dye out of my hair without cutting my hair off?  I want to super speed this process up and accomplish my goal.... gorgeous long natural gray hair. I might be a little crazy.  I'm only 43 after all. What 40 something woman wants gray hair?

After a trial and error with a product called Colorfix, a process designed to remove box hair color without damaging your hair, I had to move on and find a better solution. It did nothing, but damage my hair and fade the color a tiny bit. I was expecting after 3 applications to a least see some gray strands, but I got nothing. So....what to do now?

And then I remembered from years ago, I made a little discovery. When I would regularly use coconut oil, to keep my hair nice and soft, I had to color my hair more frequently. I've been coloring my hair since my 20s. It not only grew faster, but the color would fade rather quickly. I eventually had to stop using the oil because I got tired of keeping up with coloring so often. So with this memory, I thought I might be able to amp up the  process of going gray by using coconut oil again along with some other hair oils. And I also hoped the oils would chip in to repair the damage the Colorfix caused.

Oils can do amazing things, like give you heart attacks, cause sun burns, encourage zits and acne and strip the dye clean out of your hair. Well... not really. Olive oil is actually very heart healthy. Coconut oil does have a small amount of natural SPF. And as far as acne goes, oil fights oil, not causes it. But there is no color safe oil. It will strip hair dye clean out of your hair. It just may take some time. Always be wary when you read a hair product like conditioner says it's COLOR SAFE. It's not. It's just so slow working that you will probably miss the difference.

My Process

The night before, I take 2 to 3 tbs. of warmed coconut oil mixed with 7 drops of rosemary oil and massage my scalp. Rosemary oil is known for encouraging hair growth. And the massage will help to increase circulation. Remember I want to get my hair growing too. Then I take warm olive oil and run it along the length of my hair. You can use the coconut oil in the length too, but I want more moisture in the long strands which the olive oil provides. I then braid my hair and cover my pillow with a towel and go to sleep. When I wake in the morning I wash my hair like usual.

 I have performed this process 4 times now over two weeks. And I already can see gray strands in the length of my hair. Check out my awesome pics below. I'm pretty impressed. I can't wait to see what happens after the next four times. I will definitely keep doing this. The oils have made my hair so much softer since using the Colorfix, and  my scalp feels nice too. I'm seeing amazing results.

Shocking right? You can really see the gray hair coming through the dye.

Watch my vlog for more stripping details.

Oils are so good for you, on the inside and the outside. The hair strands actually absorb the oil, thus repairing damaged hair helping to keep it moisturized, conditioned and happy. Who doesn't want happy hair? Come to think of it, I want some kick ass happy gray hair! Keep checking back to see more results.


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