Stop Your Hair From Breaking Off

If you have read any of my blog posts lately, you know I'm all about hair oils right now. I'm totally in love with them. They have really transformed my hair. I've been using them to strip hair dye, soften and repair my hair, darken my newly gray hairs and grow out my hair. Too much? I don't know. 

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  Once your hair gets to a certain length...
Have you ever noticed... while brushing your hair, you look down at the counter and see tiny little hairs. Those are broken hairs. Ahhhh! I hate that. Breakage is a real problem for me right now. My hair is long and damaged on the ends. Years of being stupid. Honestly I could probably use a trim. But, I'm stubborn.

Lately, I have really fallen in love with argan oil and jojoba oil. Jojoba helps keep moisture sealed in the hair. It mimics your own natural hair oil. Argan is really great at smoothing the shaft of the hair and preventing fly aways. My favorite thing to do is to mix the oils together and use them on the ends of my hair. I use a 2:1 ratio of the jojoba to argan oil. With the two oils together, you have the bomb of hair oils.

I like to apply it two ways, day and night. During the day, I take a few drops and lightly run it through my hair, giving it protection before I take a hair brush to it. And adding shine and smoothness to my hair. I also put the oil on at night. When I wake up in the morning, I have nice soft hair that's non greasy. Using oils on the ends of your strands will protect the hair from breaking off. And no hair breakage means, longer hair. That's a plus in my book! I have really noticed a big difference in the amount of hair breakage I have.


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