Look 10 Years Younger

Derma rolling is quite the little anti-ager. Or should I say the big anti-ager. Derma rolling or micro needling is the process of taking a roller with lots of itty bitty needles and puncturing your skin. The injury to the skin then activates human growth hormones and induces the production of collagen. The reacting production of collagen is the basis of younger looking skin, fewer wrinkles, less acne, more even skin tone and tighter skin. I could go on and on about the wonders of micro needling. It's youth in a bottle, or should I say youth in a roller.
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First thing you need to do is find a roller. Check out Amazon for a large selection or get with your Rodan + Fields girl. I truly believe they made rolling famous. There are several different brands and lengths available.

For first time users start with 0.20mm to 0.30mm.

And when your ready to try a different needle length,
this is a great 3 in 1. 

Remember the longer the needles, the more pain and the less frequent use. I'm not really going to go into any more depth on frequency with length. The length of needles can get to be really long especially the ones available in a dermatologists office. If you feel like you can go with a longer needle after trying the shorter ones then go for it.

How To
  • Disinfect your roller. Pour rubbing alcohol over your roller to clean it.
  • Wash and dry your face. You don't want to infect your skin with a dirty roller or dirty skin.
  • Concentrate on one quadrant of your face at a time.
  • Work the roller in a smooth motion up and down
  • Then work the roller in a smooth motion left to right.
  • Avoid your eye area. Go up to your orbital bone and no closer.
  • Feel free to roll your lips for a nice plump full lip.
  • And don't forget your neck.
  • Next follow up with a vitamin C serum. The vitamin C will intensify your results. Word of caution...it will burn and sting. I like C+E Ferulic Acid from Skinceuticals or Advanced Skin Care. 
  • You can also work the roller into your scalp starting at your hair line. This will encourage hair growth to return to a receding hair line. Be careful. Your scalp is more sensitive than your face. I usually hit a nerve and end up sneezing. Watch me do it here.
  • You can also derma roll your stretch marks away. More to come on that later.

Initially after dermal rolling your skin will be red and polka dotty possibly with specks of blood. It's been injured and needs to recover. The longer the needle, the greater the injury and the more pain. The longer the needle, however the greater the anti-aging results. The longer needles are able to get further down into the skin. Once you puncture through the epidermis, the dermis is where the real fireworks take place. And you can get crazy amazing results. Start with the shorter needles and see how it goes. Later think about increasing the length after you see you first results. And you will see those first results. Clearer skin, Lit from within, smooth skin, and I know I've said it... younger skin. While the initial pain dissipates, irritation and redness and swelling are left over. The swelling can be a nice little plumping effect. The redness could last from a few hours to a few days, along with the irritation. 

Next thing you know....literally you will start to look younger! 

I'm growing my gray out. Wanna know why?


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