Revive Your Damaged Hair Naturally

 Do you ever just run your fingers through your hair and think.... gross! You've bleached, dyed, flat ironed, curled and damaged your hair to beyond repair. You've destroyed your mane and now it's just a bunch of lifeless stands with split ends, dull, even hardened hair. It has become a completely dehydrated mess.  You can't even comb through your hair without tangles and breakage. Do you feel your hair and think hopeless thoughts that nothing is going to fix this mess of a disaster? Do you want to get the scissors and just start chopping?

Well girls, I am here to tell you there are solutions to your hair woes. And they don't involve making an appointment at the salon. You just need some ingredients that hopefully you can find in your kitchen or perhaps your bathroom. 

I've used this treatment or a version of this off and on for years. When I actually perform this treatment every week, I love my hair. I'm able to comb though to the length with no tangles. This can even prevent future damage. And after a few times, your hair will start to feel like something your actually (dare I say it) like.

What you need:
1 oz olive oil
1 oz coconut oil 
2 oz apple cider vinegar

Start this process either before bed or when you have some time to give. The longer this sits in your hair, the better.

First take your coconut oil. If its hard and needs to be warmed up, put it in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds or warm up small portions in your hands. Then run the coconut oil with your fingers through your hair on your scalp massaging it in. The oil is so good for your scalp. It will encourage growth and fight bacteria. It will help get rid of dandruff and keep your scalp healthy. Just concentrate on the scalp area. Do not run the coconut oil down the length of your hair. And no need to saturate your hair. 

Next take your olive oil. Pour a small amount into your hands and rub them together to warm the oil. Then concentrate only on the bottom half of your hair, starting around your shoulders and work the oil into your strands in a downward motion. Again no need to saturate your strands. Work the oil in until all of the bottom half is covered. 

Why you ask, do I do only use coconut oil on my scalp and olive oil on the ends? Well, I have found that olive oil is too heavy for my scalp. I end up washing and washing my hair to get it out. What's the point of washing so much out when you just spend so long putting it in? So I use the coconut oil, which isn't as heavy, but it's also not as moisturizing for the length of my hair. The olive oil is great for the ends to help repair damage and give it shine. Olive oil is wonderful for helping my hair move and bend and not look flat and hard.
Next cover your hair with either a shower cap or wrap it in saran plastic wrap. And go to sleep or at least wait, the longer, the better. 

When you are ready to wash your hair. Wash it like you normally would. Just once. No need to repeat. Then take your 2 oz apple cider vinegar and mix it with 16 oz of very warm water. With your eyes covered with a washcloth pour the mixture over your head starting at the front and working toward the back. Let it sit for one minute. The apple cider vinegar with cut through the oil in your hair and make your stands super shiny and smooth. Rinse out and then follow with your normal hair conditioner. And that's it. 

Try it once and see for yourself what a difference apple cider vinegar and the right hair oils can make. Your hair with be softer and more manageable. And with continued use over time, hair breakage with disappear. Olive oil and coconut oil are so good for your hair, but sometimes the work to get it out is just too much. The apple cider vinegar takes care of all that.
Now, go save your hair!

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