I No Longer Use Cooking Spray

All aboard! This train is leaving. 
I have officially given up cooking spray. There is not a drop of it in my house. Why? I'm trying to feed my children whole real foods. Don't get me wrong, you can still find a box of Lucky Charms on occasion. My pantry isn't free of all that is wrong and evil. I'm just taking small steps here and there to try and do better for me and my kids.

So what's a girl to use? Lard, good ol' fashioned lard. I thought I might be crazy when I first started using it, but you know what? I like it. No, I love it. I line everything I bake with lard. And in my opinion, (which honestly probably doesn't mean much when it comes to cooking) it's awesome. Lard makes everything nice and flakey. All my muffins and cakes pop right out. And everything rises high, light and fluffy. And it doesn't change the taste of a good muffin or cake. 

Do you use Crisco? Try lard instead. It can do everything Crisco can do. And there is nothing fake in it. 

Oh, and if your wondering....No, Lard does not smell like bacon, or anything pig related. It's pretty neutral.

My next objective...maybe a pie crust from lard? Thanksgiving is coming! Might be a good time to try it out.

Using lard may take a little more time. It's not a quick fix, like cooking spray. But try it once and you will never go back. Line all your baking pans with lard. And see the difference for yourself.


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