Granny Hair Journey...2 Month Update

It's been two months now that I decided to stop coloring my hair. And you know what, I'm actually borderline happy about the idea. I honestly can't believe I'm saying this. I didn't think that this level of acceptance would already be here, but here I am saying it.

I'm even glad that I decided to do this when I did. If I had waited, say another ten years, I think it would have been even harder. I love gorgeous long dark hair. And when I look at pictures on Pinterest, of models with their perfect brown smooth hair, I do still long for that. I'm still grieving for that. but it no longer feels like I lost a limb, maybe just a finger. If I would have continued coloring my hair there would have been more of a grow out stripe with more white or gray hair. And it would have made the transition even harder. It's considerably white on the sides around my temples, with gray strands throughout the top. And I'm okay with that. I am pleasantly surprised that I have quite a few brown strands still growing in, so it's somewhat blendable. 

To help camouflage my stripe on top, which isn't that bad. I tend to pull my hair back a bit more frequently. With the brown growth in the front, I don't think it's as noticeable as if I were to part my hair. I tend not to part my hair evenly now, voting more for moveable pieces on top.

I've also tried purple shampoo a few times. I like the results. It really helps to blend everything together. However I don't like the fact that my cuticles and hands are dry and the color tends to sit in and grab onto the dead skin. It takes a while before I don't notice the purple around my nail beds.

So, just a month ago, I didn't know if I might throw in the towel. Now two months in, I'm excited to see where journey is going. I call it a journey, because that's what it is. It's been an emotional roller coaster. And while I've had a good majority of positive responses, there have also been negative ones. The positive ones are nice to hear, but the negative ones hurt and make me question what I'm doing. 

To try and make this decision easier on myself, I've been using hair oils to slowly strip the hair dye from my hair. If someone tells you that oils are color safe, they're lying. It won't be a dramatic change. You can't expect an oil treatment or two to remove your hair dye, but over time, you'll notice having to color your hair more frequently or your hair is not as dark or vibrant as when your first colored it, or maybe your roots are showing faster. All of those things can be because of the use of hair oils, like olive oil or coconut oil. I have been using oil treatments about once or twice a week now with hopes of encouraging the hair dye to slowly say goodbye, especially on my gray hairs. And I've even noticed a few white stands that are completely free of color from root to tip. Notice I say a few. I know this is going to take a while. Clearly, I'm in it for the long haul. What have I got to lose? I'll just end up with a head full of soft, healthy, well taken care of hair. And after my fiasco of using Colorfix to try and strip the color out of my hair, my hair needs all the help it can get right now. Watch all about my Colorfix fail below. 

Catch up on the start of my journey and why all this began.

Want to watch my personal vlog on my granny hair journey?Check it out below.

So that's it for now. Check back soon for more of my Granny Hair Journey!


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