Get The Hair Of Your Dreams! I'm Not Kidding.

I hinted on this little discovery in one of my previous blog posts on How To Get Crazy Thick Long Hair. I have really come to think of Capixyl as an amazingly BIG discovery.  In studies, it shows better hair growth results than minoxidil. And let's be honest, minoxidil isn't all that great. We only think it's the best treatment out there because of marketing. Can you imagine 46% thicker hair? That's a huge difference! Capixyl can do that. And it's results are proven.
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What is Capixyl? Capixyl is a blend of a peptide. It takes the extract, biochanin A from red clover flower and acetyl tetrapeptide -3 and mixes them with some sugar, and a form of castor oil to form a slick like hair serum. Oh, and this hair serum won't make your hair heavy, weighed down or greasy. It's smooth and light-weight.

 So back to the amazing things Capixyl can do. It can grow hair! It can really grow hair. It can grow hair thicker and stronger. It can even regrow hair that you thought was once lost. And it improves scalp health by decreasing inflamation, thus preventing hair fallout. It also stimulates collagen production, helping hair stay rooted longer. Amazing, right? And I know, I've already said it, but I'll say it again, 46% thicker hair. Can you imagine it? 

 So where can you get this wonderful hair necessity? You can find Capixyl listed in a few products as Capixyl or as their individual components, the clover flower extract and the tetrapeptide 3. This is what I've found so far. If you find another, please let me know, so I can expand the list. All products on the list are topical, which means you apply it directly to your scalp.

  • Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum
  • Keranique 8 Day Intensive Scalp Infusion Treatment
  • Peter Thomas Roth Hair To Die For Hair Treatment
  • Monat
  • Amplixin Hair Support System
  • Beauty Facial Extreme
  • Nu2 Advanced Hair Regrowth Treatment For Men (note...It says for men, but when I look at the listed ingredients, I see nothing of concern for women. That being said, please research for yourselves.)
  • Infinite Growth (Again, a product for men. Please research the ingredients for your own peace of mind.)
Watch my vlog to see my amazing results!

I have been using Capixyl for almost five months now. I have noticed a real difference when I run my fingers through my hair. The hair at my scalp is definitely more dense and full and heavy. And it's so soft. I don't know if that's the Capixyl, but it's never been like that before. I can't stop touching it. I'm so excited to see the results as more time goes by. 


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