Expiration Date On Straight Hair???

I was born with wild curly hair...Okay,  actually I was born bald, and it wasn't until I was two that I started to grow hair. Once it grew in, my hair was completely crazy with a mind of it's own. I was already a hot mess by the time I was four years old. So, one afternoon when I was six, I prayed to God to give me straight hair. And you know what? He granted my prayer and new hair began to grow in. By the time my seventh birthday rolled around, it was straight. No joke. True story!

I enjoyed my straight hair. I adored my straight hair. I loved my straight hair. And then one day....it was gone. I kid you not, the day I turned 40, I could literally see my hair growing in curly. Weird, right? I mean what's the deal?

I just don't know what happened. Hormones, age, underlying gray hair that's been ruined by years of hair dye, my prayer to God had expired? Did it expire and I forgot to renew?  Does God put expiration dates on his answered prayers? Or maybe straight hair in general has an expiration date like packaged food? It's only good for 33 years??? Say what? I'm doomed.

Sometimes I question the wildness of my hair? Does this really belong to me? The transition was really weird. When I say I could see it growing in, that's what I really mean. While the top grew in curly, the bottom was still straight making it look stringy and thin. My hair had turned wild again. I could take a flat iron to it, but a few hours later it would go back to being curly. I couldn't control it anymore. I finally had it! And chopped my hair off to the line of demarcation right above my shoulders. I had to learn to take care of my hair all over again. I mean really! You go through your whole life taking care of your hair. You think you know how and then bam, everything you've been doing no longer works. And what are you left with? A whole bunch of WTF!

My hair is long again now and most days I wash and wear it, letting it air day. On days when I want straight hair, I slather a lot, like I mean a ton, of hair oils, heat and styling creams on it. And it doesn't really look "straight, straight" until the next day after its settled down. My hair spends the first day telling me how pissed off it is for getting it wet. 

Oh well, I can't complain. I'm learning to love my curly hair for the first time, just like I'm learning to love my gray hair.

Hair in transition.

Or is it Life in transition?

Oh my God. Am I that old, already?


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