1, 2, 3 Balayage

Jessica had really been wanting to balayage or ombre her hair. I said lets do it! Why not? How I managed to actually talk her into letting me do her hair and not go to the salon is beyond me. And, not gonna lie, I questioned my ability to pull off said feat. I'm still shocked! She must trust me or something. But you know what? It worked out, like really well. And we ended up spending less than $20. It was a total win.

She is so ready to go. 

We went to Sally's and got everything we needed. And we threw in an Olaplex dupe by Ion which is totally awesome. It's so awesome, I even made it's own blog post. It's really that good. I kid you not.  I'm so glad we decided to use it. Bleaching hair is just so destructive and Olaplex and Ion actually repair the broken bonds that the bleach creates. And Ion is dirt cheap compared to Olaplex.

I don't know why we chose to use the kit Blond Brilliance. It was literally on an end cap in Sally's and Jessica liked the look of it. Guess there's something to be said for well placed marketing. LOL. Blond Brilliance comes with gloves, a cap and a needle. We didn't plan on using the cap and needle, but it had everything else we needed including gloves. 

What you need:
Blond Brilliance Kit
 Ion Absolute Perfection steps 1 and 2
bowl and brush

Let's start out by saying, I did not go to cosmetology school. I have never "done" anyone's hair other than my own. How did we do it? We watched a YouTube video on application. And we just basically winged it. I honestly think that's what it takes. And some courage. You don't want to F up your own kid's hair, but you just gotta jump in!

First we mixed the bleach powder and the developer in the bowl until there was an even consistency and then we mixed in Ion step 1 (the hair life saver).

Next I sectioned out her hair and I started on the bottom applying the bleach in a V pattern saturating the bottom few inches of her 2 inch wide strands with the brush. Then I wrapped the bleached hair in foil. Next, move around the rows unsectioning the hair as you go performing the same V. I wish I got a pic of this, but honestly, I'm still shocked we made it through the whole process. I totally recommend checking out YouTube for the process. It will make things so much easier for you.

Then we waited. For about 30 minutes. We got the "see though" foils, so we were able to see the bleaching process and the lightening of her hair. Next we pulled the foils off and rinse out her hair. We took step 2 of the Ion and applied it to her hair and waiting another 10 minutes. And that's it. Another rinse and then dry and style.

And viola! It turned out amazing! Amazing by my standards anyway. And the most important thing is that Jessica loves it. And that makes this momma pretty happy. 

Are you brave enough to do your kid's hair? Have at it. You might end up pleasantly surprised. 


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