Top 5 things to do in Galveston

Did you go to Galveston this summer? We did. It's our easy go to hang out for a few days each year. If you're a Texan, it's a no brainer. Super quick and easy to get there, from practically anywhere in the state. No need to buy tickets, no need to make reservations weeks in advance, no need to plan. You can literally get up and go. And know that you will have a wonderful fun filled family trip on the cheap.  We have been to Galveston more times than I can say. And the best thing about it... we come home closer and bonded for the experience. 

1. The Spot...We always make a point to stop here for dinner our first day. The Spot is actually several venues in one. They have a large outdoor patio area that's great for ocean viewing and for people watching. People watching....another great past time in Galveston. The Spot also has great hamburgers. Yum!

2. The Pleasure Pier is the fun loving boardwalk. Where once sat the vast Flagship hotel with a mermaid on the side, destroyed by a hurricane Ike, Galveston rebuilt into something even better. It's a Texas State Fair small scale, every day. Little did I know, the original historic pleasure pier destroyed by hurricane Carla was there before the Flagship hotel.

3. The beach, of course! While Galveston may not have one of the best beaches in the world, they are still awesome. Work on your tan or hit the waves. This is why everyone comes to Galveston. The sand, the sun, the ocean! When all you have to do is walk across the road, why not. Don't forget your sunscreen!

4. Murdochs. It's the ultimate tourist destination for t-shirts and all Galveston paraphernalia. The great thing about this place though... their deck at night. You can look out onto the ocean and watch the ships go by. You can relax in a rocking chair or Adirondack and sip on a frozen margarita or cold beer. You can unwind and watch the lights of the pleasure pier. This is one of my family's favorite things to do in Galveston. They ask to go here every time!  

 5. The Strand. There is so much to do in downtown Galveston in the historic Strand shopping district. Literally, like a ton. You could spend all day or just an afternoon. The wonderful thing about the Strand? Drinking! The kids can have fun touring haunted houses or pirate ships or chocolate factories and you, you can enjoy some rum or tequila. 

So get your vacation on!


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