5 Steps To Long Thick Hair

I feel like I've done pretty much all there is to grow my hair long, thick and healthy. Today I'm going to discuss my top five actions to get amazing results, like crazy thick wild hair kinda results.
After I had my last child, I had terrible hair loss. Even a year later it still had not recovered and I had to do something. Now my hair is back. And not just back... it's better than ever. And it's been better than ever for a long time. So keep reading!
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1. Fish oil. If you don't know what fish oil is, I mean where ya been? Hiding under a rock? Fish oil is great not only for hair and skin health, but also heart health too. It's that wonderful healthy oil full of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. This will help your hair grow and shine. And you'll get some wonderful skin to boot. 

Hair Growth Aids

2. Biotin. Biotin is a water soluble B vitamin that has been shown to help grow hair. It's usually the first "go to" when looking for hair growth.

3. Viviscal. I have used Viviscal for almost 3 years now. My only problem with Viviscal... is running out of Viviscal. This stuff really made a difference in my hair thickness. I completely love this product. I'm always recommending it. However, it's basically shark collagen. That may be something for you to consider. If not, it's the bomb! I take this along with my fish oil and biotin everyday. Want to know more on Viviscal? Check out this blog post.

4. Capixyl. What is that? This is the big one! I just discovered this several months ago. It's fairly new research. Capixyl is two wonderful ingredients that when combined grow your hair like you've never seen. LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN. Capixyl is made up of Clover Flower extract and tetrapeptide-3. You can find Capixyl in several over the counter topical products, like Monat shampoos and Keranique treatments.  Results have shown Capixyl can lengthen and thicken the hair shaft and can even REGROW hair. Don't miss out on this one! Want more info on capixyl? I have a whole blog post just on capixyl.

5. Microneedling. This is a fairly new one for me. I happened upon microneedling by researching antiaging for my face. Microneedling or derma rolling is a process where a roller with tons of itty bitty needles is rolled over your scalp causing injuries to the skin. Check out my blog on derma rolling your face. Or watch my vlog for regrowing your receding hairline. The injuries cause your body to activate  growth hormones and send collagen to the site increasing hair growth and REGROWTH.  Anyway, I can't personally testify to it's results yet. But dermatologists recommend this treatment. You can get it done in their office or you can do  like I do and buy a roller on Amazon and perform the process yourself or have a friend do it. 

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