My Ideas Are Free of Charge

Do you know why I share? I actually like it. When I find out something new, something I didn't know about, I want to shout it from the roof top. That was one of the reasons I started this blog. I wanted everyone to know the wonderful things, the wonderful benefits, the wonderful secrets I have learned. So if I happen upon something great, I tell people.

Just last year I discovered how making homemade mac and cheese with half and half is the bomb. Like for real! I mean the best damn mac and cheese I have ever tasted. I am not kidding people. And I just happened upon it, because I had leftover half and half in the fridge from Thanksgiving Dinner. Half and half is not something I normally keep around. I was like.... Why do not more people know about this? And if you do know, why are you not sharing? Why did I not know this? I was truly amazed. Clearly I'm easily amused. Mac and cheese blog to follow later!

When I started making wreaths o' so many years ago I kept my skills proprietary to me. I didn't share. I got emails and messages frequently asking me how I put together my wreaths. Even sneaky ones telling me they were asking out of concern for their baby's safety. Really? And I thought, if you want to know my secrets, you can buy them. Buy a wreath.

Then one day at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby (in the ribbon section of course) a lady came up to me with a ribbon spool in one hand and a print out in the other. She asked if this ribbon matched the ribbon in the picture. I looked at the picture and noticed it was mine. It was my wreath pic taken from my Etsy store site. I said, yes, looks just like it. And that was it.  I never said who I was and we each went about with our shopping.

It later dawned on me. I like when people use my ideas. It's a form of flattery. It gives me a nice feeling to know that I'm sharing in their life.  They like what I have to offer and so they in turn use it and make it their own too. And even as hard as it is at times, the more you give, the more you receive. What goes around, comes around. You get out, what you put in. I could go on....

 So shortly after the Hobby Lobby run, I shared my wreath secrets on my blog. I made a video and gave step by step instructions. It turns out people were and are still appreciative. And I enjoy seeing their own creations too. And honestly how many ideas are completely original? Everyone's new is based on someone's old.

So if you want to take and use my ideas, please do. They are free.

Maybe click on an ad while you roam through my posts or YouTube, though. Please, help support my blogging habit.



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