Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Favorite Things May 2017

This month might just have a theme. Not on purpose, mind you. But sweet lemon scent is common component for sure. It's in both Honey Honey body cream and Lemon Wedgie. Both so yummy.

My first ever Fav list last month is still right up there, but as I'm discovering more things within Posh, I just keep loving more. So I hope you enjoy.

Calling All Fairies is a work horse of a glycolic mask. It truly provides results. It works just as well if not better than other glycolic masks. And the great thing about Perfectly Posh's version is that it's $19 and you can get tons of pampering out of it. Use it about once every other week.

Honey Honey Body Cream is a sweet smelling lemonade body cream that is full of honey, aloe and apricot kernel oil. It's a powerhouse of moisture. I have pretty dry skin and this quenches my parched skin. I love this stuff.

Lemon Wedgie Lip Scrub is a sugar scrub for of course, your lips. It's so good, you could actually eat it. Yes, you can actually eat it. Use it as often as needed for smooth sumptuous lips.


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