5 Wonderful Benifits of Kombucha

So, ya. I drink Kombucha. And you know what? I actually like it. What's that you say? Did you read right? Oh, but you did. I'll say it again. I like Kombucha. I know. I know. You think I'm crazy. Who would consume the most disgusting vinegar tasting, full of worms drink? Well, I'm here to tell you. It's amazing! It was probably the best thing I did for my health.

I'll be honest. I didn't start off drinking Kombucha. I eased into it with apple cider vinegar. I read all the good things about apple cider vinegar and thought I'd give it a try. Even with diluting it though I never got used to it. Always felt like it was eating away the enamel on my teeth. Then I came across Kombucha and never looked back. Fermented food is just so good for you.
So here are 5 wonderful benefits of drinking Kombucha, worms and all.
  1. It keeps you regular. Start off by drinking half a bottle each day and build up to the full jar by two weeks. You'll notice how much better your belly feels. It's full of probiotics which are the good bacteria. The wormy stuff in the bottom of the jar.
  2. It helps fight cancer. Studies show the glucaric acid in Kombucha reduces your risk.
  3. Easies joint pain. It's full of glucosamines which help increase hyaluronic acid and prevents the destruction of collagen.
  4. Gives you glowing radiant skin. Yep, hyaluronic acid works with the collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles giving you youthful skin.
  5. The best part...It makes you feel good. Okay, don't laugh at me. It has the tiniest bit of alcohol from the fermentation process. No where near enough to make you drunk or even tipsy. I think it just improves your mood a bit. Who doesn't need that?

So, go get your kombucha. It can get expensive, be careful. But you can even find it at Walmart and Target now. No need to travel to a health food store.


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