Monday, April 10, 2017

My Favorite Things April 2017

So since I joined Perfectly Posh, I have come to have a favorite things list. I enjoy lots of their products, but these are items I absolutely love. Perfectly Posh is such a great pampering line. It's full of good stuff and they don't use any of the bad stuff. For instance, instead of petroleum they use coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, coco butter, apricot kernel oil and mango butter.
The first one is the Hey Bae Snarky Bar. This exfoliating scrub bar will knock the dead skin right off you. No joke. There won't be any ashy or peely pieces left. It's full of shea butter and calendula flower to soften the skin and encourage collagen production.
The second one is the Black-Listed Body Scrub. While the Snarky Bar is an aggressive scrub, this scrub will leave your skin kissed with softness. Its full of honey and milk and blackberries. It's awesome to use before shaving your legs.
The third on my list is the BFF Exfoliating Daily Face Wash. It's part of the Look Natural line. It's nice to use first thing in the morning to wake up your skin. It has essential oils like peppermint and grapefruit to invigorate you and has little scrubby pieces and glycolic acid to exfoliate and aloe to soothe.  
My fourth favorite thing is the Big Chunk Bar Easy Peasy. Its a bath soap bar that's full of palm oil and shea butter. And smells of delicious sweet mint lemonade.

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