Top 3 Hair Growth Secrets You Gotta Try

So, I'm kinda crazy when it comes to my hair and skin. I work really hard to keep them looking good. I love glowing skin and shinny luscious hair. And when they're not at their best, I become disappointed and search for more answers and work even harder at attaining my goal. In all that hard work and searching, I've come across lots of hair growth secrets. And I love to share. Here are my top three. 

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Secret #1 is Viviscal. 
This is a hair growth supplement containing a marine complex called AminoMar. It's easy to find online and I usually get mine at Amazon. You take one pill with breakfast and dinner each day. This is not a quick cure. You have to put in the time. In 3 months I noticed so much growth at the crown, the ends of my long mane started looking stringy. I was impressed, needless to say. Viviscal is backed by published clinical studies proving their results. 

Secret #2 is gelatin.
Yep, good old Jello. NO, NOT REALLY!..., but ya, kinda......I know! I'm really confusing. Anyway, gelatin is made from animals, including their bones. And that's where collagen comes from. Collagen is one of the building blocks of our hair, skin and nails. There are two brands I use. If I'm at Walmart, I'll get Gelatine brand. You can find this right beside Jello. Or if you want to check out Amazon, Great Lakes is my organic go to brand. You basically just take a packet (if using Gelatine) or one tablespoon  (if using Great Lakes), mix in 1/4 cup cold water. Let sit overnight. Wake in the morning, mix with some hot water in a tall glass and drink away. This is not the best drink, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

Secret #3 is Tagamet
Tagamet is a drug used to treat heartburn. But users also found increased hair regrowth when taken over time. Tagamet is amazing. It's one of those cheap drugs that big pharma doesn't make money off of, so they don't promote all it's goodness.  Tagamet does have side effects, so please talk to your doctor before trying.  I recommend buying the generic at Walmart under the name Cimetidine. You can read more about Tagamet here in a previous blog post.

All of these great secrets will take some time. You may first notice your skin and nails start to improve before you see a difference in your hair. Also, keep taking your Omega 3s and vitamins and include a diet rich in good fats like avocados and lean proteins like chicken breasts.


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