Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wreath Rehab

I've been kinda slackin on wreath making lately. Having been inspired by my deco mesh snowman wreath this year, I thought I'd rehab an older wreath. A lot of times I just redo or remake an old wreath. I just don't want a bunch of wreaths hanging around not getting used anymore. And I'm more the person to make a new one for a holiday than pull the old one out again for the next year.

Past Lives of My Wreath

4th of July wreath

Year round wreath

This is what it looked like when I pulled it off my door. Pretty good if you ask me.

I wanted to give it a fresh updated look.

And then I thought I'd update it even more.

Of course I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some fresh new ribbons.

Everything else was going to be reused from the original wreath.

I pulled all the ribbons off which were connected by T pins.

This is what it looked like when I pulled off what I didn't want.

Oh ya, I also bought an arrow from Hobby Lobby. Arrows are like everywhere!

Overall everything was in a really good condition. This wreath base and burlap is 4 years old. Except for the bugs and the dirt. That was nasty.

The sun did make the burlap darker. Strange, I used to think the sun bleached burlap. I was wrong.

So I added a new door hanger to my wreath.

The arrow blende to much into the burlap color, so I decided to paint it.

I cut up my ribbons in 6 to 8 inch strips. And tied them in knots. Pushed my T pins through the ribbon knots and attached them to my wreath.

If you want to see the play by play on how I make my wreaths click here.

Almost done. I arranged my arrow where I wanted and super glued it to the wreath.

And viola!

Close ups. Packed full of wonderful!

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Hope you enjoy!

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