Our Santa, The Big Guy!

update December 5, 2017: 
We love you Santa. You will be forever in my heart and will live on in the memories of my children at Christmas. You gave my family and so many other families a wonderful tradition. We were blessed to have you. Next year won't be the same. I am so heartbroken.... 

I love our Santa!
For the past 14 years our family has enjoyed this most wonderful Big Guy. Christmas 2017 marks our 14th year. We have followed him from Stonebriar Centre Mall all the way toThe  Village at Fairview. If you live in the North Texas area including Frisco, McKinney, or Allen, your family knows who I'm talking about... The Big Guy.

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2011
This is a Santa that even during the off season, continues to be Santa! He's been spoted at La Hacienda Ranch in Frisco in his Santa garb.
Christmas 2008
Don't miss out on this wonderful Santa. He is by appointment only this year at Villiage at Fairview. Let our Big Guy become your Big Guy. I don't want anyone to miss out. He's become such a popular Santa.
Christmas 2013

 Please comment below if you love your Santa just as much!
Merry Christmas!


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