No More Sunburn by tomorrow!

Stayed out to long in the sun? Now you have an awful sunburn forming? For my no more sunburn by tomorrow process to work your must start on this immediately after your day in the sun. Don't wait. You must get the skin temp down and keep cool for this to work. You will basically be stopping the burning process.  

What you need to STOP A SUNBURN in it's tracks:
Spay Bottle
Lipton Tea
Clinique Moisture Surge(optional)
Coconut oil or lotion

The Process
  1. Take 400mg of  Motrin or Advil. This will help with the pain of the sunburn and stop the inflammatory process.  
  2. Take a Tea Bath. Take two black tea bags and bring to a boil in a medium pot of water. I like using Lipton Tea. Once the tea has cooled step into your bath tub or shower and using a wash cloth soaked in tea sponge yourself with the tea. Keep sponging yourself off. Try to do this for minimum of 20 minutes, longer if you can. Tea also works as an anti inflammatory.
  3. When you get out of the shower, slather yourself in hydrating lotion, or coconut oil if you have it. When you have a sunburn your skin loses it's moisture barrier and can become drier quicker.
  4. Next is the most important step. Noxema. Did you know that Noxema was invented over 100 years ago as a sunburn remedy? This amazing little cream works wonders. Just get the original tub of it. Slather it all over your burn. Put it on thickly. You will notice an instant cooling feeling of your skin. It will dry to a clear or white layer on your skin depending on how thick you put in on. Noxema will stop a burn in it's tracks.
  5. Now you will want to keep the Noxema moist and cool. This is the second most important step.  Once the Noxema dries, it loses its power. I like to use a spray bottle filled with cool water. Mist yourself once you feel the Noxema drying. If you have Clinique Moisture Surge, take a dollop of that and mix it in your spray bottle. It will help keep the Noxema cooling longer and the Clinique Moisture Surge is very hydrating for your skin.
  6. Keep doing this until bedtime. Put on a loose fitting t-shirt. When you wake in the morning you will have no burn. Remember the important part is keeping the Noxema nice, cool and moist. 

This remedy works and it works well. You will wake up feeling and looking much better. I've used this process for over 20 years. However please always remember to use sunscreen and keep reapplying while out in the sun. It's much easier to deal with no sunburn. 


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