Get Perfect Breastfeeding Nipples

Get Perfect Breastfeeding Nipples!
What your OB isn't telling you that could MAKE or BREAK your hospital stay.......
Do you have flat, short or inverted nipples?
Do you even know?
 Do you want to breastfeed?
 Or should I say, Are you committed to breastfeeding?
Do you want the breastfeeding dream of nursing your baby and cooking in the kitchen at the same time?
Or did you have an awful experience with latching your older child?
Did you get stuck pumping or using breast shields because your baby wouldn't latch?

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There is an easy, simple, way to ensure that your baby can latch on effortlessly and have a good breastfeeding experience. FIX YOUR NIPPLES! And I don't mean surgery. 

There are 3 things involved in getting the great breastfeeding experience in the hospital... 1) perfect everted nipples, 2) an adequate supply of colostrum, and 3) an easy going healthy infant.

When you have a great breastfeeding experience in the hospital, especially after delivery, it can make a world of difference. Who doesn't want the great hospital stay with your newborn? But sometimes, things can go awry! Your nurses and lactation consultants are only able to help so much. And as hard as we try, If you don't have good equipment, as in perfect breastfeeding nipples, it may make feeding your baby much more difficult. Then the breast pumps come out, the breast shields come out and you may have an unhappy newborn.  

With your first OB visit, your doctor does an assessment of your breasts. Ask him or her about your breasts! There are several different kinds of nipples. If yours evert perfectly and can give your baby a good amount of breast tissue to latch onto, great!!!!! If your nipples are flat, short, small, or inverted, then this blog post is for you!

So let's fix your nipples.

There are two products on the market that you can use to correct your nipples.  Each one is like a sewing thimble. The first is the Avent Nipplette. It's a system of a syringe and suction cup. You place the suction cup over the nipple and using the syringe a vacuum is created that pulls your nipple out. The other system is Supple Cups. Supple Cups come in several sizes. Size 2 is good for a breastfeeding newborn. Supples Cups are simply squeezed over the nipple and released to form a suction to pull the nipple into the cup.  

You will want to fix your nipples either before pregnancy or during your first trimester. Your nipples can be very sensitive during pregnancy, so it's recommended prior to getting pregnant. And the nipple stimulation  in the last trimester of pregnancy may cause contractions. So either before or early into pregnancy the better.

Pick a system to use. Either one is good and both have excellent results. Remember though that this is a commitment, just like breastfeeding is. It takes time to fix a flat or inverted nipple. Wear them as often as you can. Over time the inverted or flat nipple becomes everted. And when you have your baby you will have perfect equipment as in perfect breastfeeding nipples.

  • Use Lanolin or Vaseline to ensure a good grip on your nipple with the nipplette or the supple cups. A little on your nipple will help them stay in place.
  • Go slow. Don't use too much suction. Don't destroy your nipples with skin breakdown like cracks, blisters and bleeding.
  • If you do hurt your nipples from too much suction, use Medela Hydrogel Pads. They are cool and soothing to tender nipples.
  • Organic coconut oil can also help to repair skin breakdown.
  • Use Medela Breast Shells to wear in your bra over your nipplettes or supple cups, while in public to be discreet.
  • You may notice discharge while in use. This is perfectly normal. Colostrum is in production.
 Don't Go to the hospital thinking everything is going to come up roses! Be proactive! Fix your nipples!

 It always saddens me when I see moms and babies having a hard time. It's such a tiny thing that makes such a big impact. And what's worse, they didn't even know that they could easily fix their nipples. I'm not saying this is the case for every mom with flat nipples. There are some babies born who could latch on to the wall, but that doesn't always happen.

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