Walking Dead Cake

So my family discovered The Walking Dead last fall. We had to hurry up and play catch up on Netflix. It's our favorite show now. It's full of zombies or Walkers as they call them. And it's nice and bloody.

Anyway my oldest son's birthday was earlier this month and I thought I'd do a Walking Dead cake. I happened across these little bobble head looking figures, but the heads don't actually move at Barnes and Noble. They were about $10 including tax. And they had just about every character.

 I attempted to make nasty looking old grass, but that didn't work out too well. A friend of mine had a great suggestion (after the fact) of using Red Velvet for the cake and having gummy worms inside. That would have been perfect. But mine is just plain 'ol  vanilla.

Rick and Bicycle Girl in their original packages.

Bicycle Girl from season 1

Rick from season 1

Walking Dead is the best! Who doesn't love a good zombie fest?


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