Easy Breezy Zebra Letters

Every so often I think that zebra is getting a little old, but then I see something just gorgeous in a hot animal print. My daughter still can't get enough of the black and white print.

I've done zebra letters before, but this time I used white painted curly letters and focused on the whole name instead of just initials.

What you need:
wooden letters
scrapbook papers
mod podge
paint brush

My little girl loves zebra. She had old letters that I thought I'd use scrapbook paper and mod podge to redo. My letters are 8 to 12 inch curly wooden letters.

I got enough scrapbook papers to cover the letters.

Using the back of the letter and the back of the paper trace with a pencil around the letter.

Using scissors cut along the inside of the tracing line.

Using a paint brush apply a thin layer of mod podge. The thicker it is risks the paper tearing from absorbing the mod podge. Then apply the cut out paper to the letter. Let dry. 

Take sandpaper and smooth the edges of the paper that might be hanging over the sides.

Finish the letter with another thin coat of mod podge and let dry.

Hang up and enjoy!

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