Deco Mesh Garland

If you want the entire house decorated this holiday season, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg paying for garland....Get Deco Mesh! It's a super easy and cheap way to deck your house out for Christmas.

All you need is some deco mesh and some pretty ribbon. That's it. Just 2 items.

I used candy cane deco mesh in red and white. It comes in 10 yard rolls and is 21 inches wide. It's on sale at Hobby Lobby every other week and even more during the holidays. Then I got a matching wired ribbon in the same candy cane colors.

Simply pull some deco mesh from the roll. About a foot in gather the deco in an accordion style fold and tie off with a ribbon. I used ribbon pieces cut about 12 inches long. You can always go back and trim. 

Then I gathered about every 18 inches with a new ribbon.

Then keep going. There is enough deco in one roll to decorate a mantel and a doorway  and some windows. Your imagination is unlimited.

You can even add some cute Christmas ornaments with ribbons to the garland making it your own design.

Drape over your mantel or anywhere to spruce up your home in time for Christmas!

Check out the DIY for the Christmas Ornament Pop D├ęcor too!


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