Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Pop Ornaments

This is a really cute craft for your Christmas mantel. I just happen to have Starbucks glass bottles left over and was wondering what to do with them.

First I took some left over burlap I had laying around. You need very little. I cut the burlap in 2.5 inch by 3 inch squares. If you need help to cut your burlap straight check this out.

Then I took my stencils and painted out BELIEVE in red. After they were dry I took clear Elmer's School Glue and attached the burlap pieces to the glass bottles.  

Christmas paint colors
7 - 12 inch dowels
7 clean Starbucks glass bottles
burlap scraps
7 new or old mini ornaments to paint or not...
1 spool of Christmas ribbon
1 sparkly Christmas pick

The colors I used were:
Soft White
Metallic Silver
True Red
Spa Blue

I had left over Halloween mini ornaments that I painted in red and aqua blue. It took about 3 coats to get full coverage. I wanted a dull look, not a shinny one. If you have new ornaments that you like, use them.

I also painted seven 12 inch long dowels in shinny silver and soft white. 4 were painted in silver and 3 in the white.

Cut your ribbons in 12 inch pieces. I love the red with white stitching for burlap Christmas crafts. They blend so well together.

Use hot glue to attach the ribbons to the ornament bulb and tie a bow. Trim the ribbons.

Use your sparkly Christmas pick and pull apart 7 strands. I simply twist tied the strand around the bottle top. If you want secure it with a spot shot of hot glue.

Now you have an original handmade Christmas craft that's gorgeous enough to display!

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