The Best Kept Hair Secret

I'm not sure I even want to tell this story and let my secrets out. But so many people complement me on my hair now.  I feel so grateful. I worked SO hard to get my hair back to it's youthful fullness. And now, I'm ready to share.

Not to long ago, actually just a year earlier, full long lush hair was my dream. My hair was tail spinning out of control. After the birth of my third baby, my hair started falling out. And it kept falling out. It never stopped. Everything I read, all my pregnancy books, said it would grow back. But, it never did. And even years later, my hair still had not returned to it's pre baby state. My hair loss was really beginning affect me. I had regular dates with Drano to clean out the hair clogs in my bath tub. I was shedding more than my cat was. My kids were complaining of my hair in their food. I was becoming depressed about my hair. It was all I could think about. My hair was my everything. My hair was my youth. I felt like I was getting old before my time. Was I going to give in and chop my hair off? I didn't want to be THAT MOM, my dreadful last resort.  I loved my hair. Everyone USE to always tell me how thick and gorgeous it was.  I was determined to fight this with everything I had. I researched everything, all the time. I've tried everything. I took supplements and vitamins, used oils and serums. I went to the doctor. I went to the OB/GYN. I went to the dermatologist. They told me.....NORMAL AGING PROCESS. WTF? I wasn't going down like that!

Then one day (almost a year ago now) I got sick with the flu. While reading up on Tamiflu I came across a research article on the use of Cimetidine to ease flu symptoms. I became intrigued and started reading more and more about Cimetidine. I don't want to call Cimetidine a miracle drug, but I am. It's a miracle drug! At least it is for me. Cimetidine or Tagamet, the brand name, is a drug used for acid reflux or heart burn. It was first prescribed in the US in 1979. Off label uses include easing of flu symptoms, helping fight cancer, and fighting the pain associated with bladder infections. It also helps with herpes outbreaks, warts and shingles.

So how does Cimetidine actually help with hair loss? Cimetidine acts as a blocker of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) . This DHT blocker causes estrogen like effects in your body. Estrogen is the female hormone of youth. Thus it increases hair growth, and does other wonderful things like making your breasts bigger. Woo hoo!

Now that I've said this PLEASE USE CAUTION!!!!!!!!! I am by no means a medical doctor. Please talk to your doctor before deciding to try this or any hair loss treatment. Common side effects of Cimetidine are headache, nausea, and dizziness. Cimetidine is cleared through your liver and your doctor may want to run blood tests to check your liver function. Your liver works to clean out toxins in your blood along with your kidneys. If you are taking other prescriptions, using Tylenol or drinking alcohol on a regular basis, don't use Cimetidine.

So, now you ask, how did I do it?

Here's my regimen:
  1.  Cimetidine 2000mg a day. I take it twice, 1000mg in the morning and 1000mg before bed. I have the great added benefit of never having heartburn.  
  2. Fish oil. I take one after each meal.
  3. Vitamin D 2000mg a day,
  4. Biotin 5000mcg a day. 
  5. A woman's daily multivitamin.
What I did:
  • Start off slow! Start with the recommended dosage for Cimetidine (200mg) and slowly add an extra tablet every few days. I hate headaches! Increasing slowly prevented them.
  • If you have never taken fish oil, start off taking just one a day. Fish oil can cause upset stomach.
  • I also do other things like using coconut oil and olive oil to keep my growth going long and split end free. I even put coconut oil on my lashes. Keeping them super long too!
  • Want to know more about what you can do to help with hair growth? Read my natural ways to help with hair growth and combat postpartum hair loss! All things that are safe with breastfeeding.
  • Please also research Cimetidine. Don't take my word for it. See for yourself. There are other DHT blockers. I'll blog about that later.
I have had such a great result with the Cimetidine that you can actually tell when I started taking it. My hair is still thin on the ends and I have about 6 inches of growth of lush thick hair at the scalp. My hair has been reinvented! I get complements all the time. I don't want to sound conceded, but it does make me happy to know that all my hard work and time has finally started to pay off. Now if I could only find a way not to have to cover my grays! If you want to know my age....well, I'm turning 40 in 2 months.

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