Extreme Curly Deco Mesh Wreath

This wreath is so extreme, it doesn't even fit on my door. It makes a grand statement. It's made with a 24 inch deco mesh wreath frame. And then I threw in some chevron and bling studded ribbons.

I used pink, black and silver for this gorgeous extreme design. I ended up using almost 4 full rolls of the 21" deco mesh. I jam packed it the loops with 4 to 5 rolls in each. Follow my DIY instructions for building your own deco mesh curly wreath here.

I added the chevron ribbons spaced around evenly. Make sure the ribbon is wired. The black and white chevron design makes this wreath pop!

The bling ribbon was looped around the deco mesh going from inside ring to outside ring attaching at the wired loops to secure.

It's so big. I couldn't even close my door without the deco getting caught. You really need the oversized door for this wreath!

This was such a fun wreath. I love this wreath!


Dona said…
Absolutely love this wreath! Your instructions are very easy to follow, going to make one. Thank you for posting this great wreath!
soulmate said…
I absolutely love it. Your directions are so easy to follow I am going to make on for my front porch

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