DIY Bag Tags

Bag tags are great spirit gifts for cheer and dance teams. They are simple to make too, if you have the right equipment. I recommend ordering your supplies online. You can find great deals on ebay on everything you need. This way you can rest assured that your tags are durable and last. 

  • Luggage tag pouches 2.5 inch X 4.25 inch in 10 ml thickness - don't use anything less than 10ml. There should be a slot opening in one end of the short side.
  • Tag loops - most loops are included in your tag order, but just make sure.
  • Laminating machine.
  • Scrapbook and card stock quality papers matched to the tag design you like.
  • Paper cutters, punches and scissors.
  • Glue stick.
  • Any other extras to make your tag special like bling, stickers, ribbons, tulle

I cut my papers to 2.25 inch X 3.5 inches. I first fold over the paper and then measure and cut the paper keeping the fold on one side.

Use a puncher for the center papers. I find this easier than sizing and measuring. First I open MS Word, and spell out what I want to say on my tag. If I'm just writing out a name, I use 36 to 48 font size depending on the number of letters in the name and the font type. Print it out on quality card stock. Then I punch out around the name. I use 1and7/8 inch size. Attach the punch to the folded paper. Do this again for the back side.

I like to use a glue stick. It doesn't saturate the papers or leave marks.

Place on stickers or other small shape punches onto the papers prior to placing in the pouch. Center the papers in the pouch.

Use a paper cover while the tag flows through the machine to ensure no glue leaks out onto the rollers. I also like to run the tag through twice. My tags are usually pretty thick with all the papers and stickers.

When the card comes out of the laminator, attach the bling, tulle, ribbons! Use double knots and a strong glue. I like Jewel it!

The finished product! Good luck with yours!

If you want to try something more advanced, a great place to find pictures or logos is Google Images. Take screen shots and add your name.

Want to look at my other designs to spark your imagination? Check out my Cheer & Dance Bag Tags.

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Anonymous said…
where do you recommend getting the luggage tags from?
karabella said…
what size did you cut the pieces of tulle? Round or square?
Jennifer Bryant said…
I use tulle from spools for my bag tags. So they are cut into rectangles. Size doesn't really matter. I try for about 3 layers and then cut to wanted size once tied through the tag.
karabella said…
OK, that gives me an idea at least. Thanks so much! :)

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