Burlap Banner Ideas!!!!!

Burlap banners are great for parties, showers, pictures, or any holiday. And in all honesty...they are Dirt CHEAP to make. Normally homemade crafts can become expensive. The burlap banner is the exception to the rule. For less than $5 you can have a beautiful burlap banner with enough leftovers to make even more burlap banners. You can't go wrong with that! Below are a few of my banner ideas. I have two methods to put together my banners. One is fabric glue and the second is ribbons. Both are no sew. No need for Etsy shopping. By the way, I love Etsy!

All of these burlap banners were made with a simple no sew method. Click on either link below for super easy DIY instructions.

Have super fun creating!


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