DIY No Sew Burlap Banner for Fall


Lets get ready for fall with a few DIY decorations that are super easy and can be done in a quick afternoon. Burlap is such a fall staple. Add a few touches of orange and black and it becomes perfect.

  1. one yard of burlap
  2. 3 spools of different ribbons
  3. Liquid Stitch
  4. black acrylic paint
  5. stippling brush
  6. 2 inch stencils
  7. extras like black and orange ornaments and fall stickers

7 inch triangle template

trace enough triangles onto your burlap

cut your triangles out

with your fingers stretch and pull little circles into the top corners

use liquid stitch or fray check and go around the circles edges

use stencils and paint your letters on your banner pieces

when the liquid stitch is dry cut 6 inch ribbons and tie the banner together

I tied extra ribbons between the words and the start and end of the banner.

finished banner before the extras were added

Halloween ornaments from Hobby Lobby
Tie various lengths of ribbons to the ornaments and attach to the banner through the reinforced holes.

glittery fall stickers from Hobby Lobby
I used liquid stitch to help hold the stickers in place on the burlap.

Want to see another way to make a

Happy Fall Y'all!!!!!!!!


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