Teacher & School Spirit Gift

I love this wall hanging canvas set. It's perfect for you teacher's door and to show her school spirit.
  1. Three 5X7 canvases
  2. Three yard of ribbon with 1.5 inches in width
  3. One color of acrylic paint, I used black
  4. Hot glue and glue gun
  5. Mod Podge
  6. Paint brushes
  7. Paper cutter
  8. Lighter
  9. Three pages of scrapbook or card stock quality white paper
  10. Open Word and pick Funky or Frilly fonts. Or get inspiration from www.dafont.com Pick your favorite three. I used:
Mrs. Reiter - Vtks Black, 90
We are - Harrington, 55
Heritage - Elephant, 85
Country - Lucinda Bright, 72
Coyote - Curlz MT, 72 (is the closest) was a picture. You can find your own school mascot at google images.

Now that you have everything, first paint your canvases. I painted mine black and then I sat them aside to dry. While the canvas was drying I printed out my pages and cut them to fit on the canvas. The canvas is 5X7, so I cut the paper about 4X6. If you use different fonts be careful to get everything inside the cutting area.

Once the canvas is dry put a layer of mod podge on the backside of the cut papers and gently center them on the canvas. Let dry. Apply another layer of mod podge over the entire canvas to ensure good coverage. Let dry.

Next take two pieces of ribbon, about 1 yard each (laid out the width of the canvas or about 4 inches apart and arrange your canvases. You want them to be close, but leave at least 2 inches between each canvas. And start the top canvas at the very top of the ribbons. So no ribbon is peeking from the top. Now hot glue the back of the canvas to the ribbons. Glue each canvas on and let dry. Trim the ends of the ribbons on the bottom to the desired length. I used a lighter to seal the ribbons by lightly passing the flame along the ends.

Next take an 8 inch ribbon and loop it and center it along the back of the top canvas to make a hanger. Hot glue it to the canvas. Let dry.

And there ya go! A beautiful new teacher gift!

Looking for another wonderful teacher gift? Make your teacher a school spirit topiary.


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