Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Decor Ideas!

It's almost July 4th and as such thought I'd share some last minute Independence Day Decorating Ideas you can do on the cheap.

When I started the burlap pillow covers, I'll admit that I thought they would be more fitted. I still think they turned out super cute.

I took 2 old pillows I had hiding in my closet and measured and cut out burlap around them. Actually I did this part free hand. Maybe that's why they came out a touch larger.

Check out my post on How To Cut Burlap. However I didn't go by this. I wanted this to be quick and unperfect.

Then with my fingers work a hole into the burlap about an inch from the sides.

Burlap is great at fraying! Reinforce the sides of the holes with Fray Check.

While the holes are drying, I painted my simple flag with red, navy blue and white craft paint.

Use stencils for your star or stars. I had too. Super Bad at stars!

Cover with spray starch to help prevent fraying.

Then I even Fray Checked that sucker again. I didn't want the most important part of my flag falling apart.

This pic is hard to see. I hung my burlap panel on some blinds with clothes pins to dry. I attached the star with some fabric glue.

Line up the corners with the pillow inside.

Run some ribbon through the holes. I used Navy grosgrain.

Double knot them and trim the ends.

Here is the start of my other pillow.  Honestly I have stars hanging on my walls. So I took one down and traced it. Like I said earlier. I suck at drawing starts. If you have Office on your computer, open it up and put a star on your page. Make it as large as you want. Print it. Cut it out and trace it onto the burlap.

This one before it was dry. Looks a little Dallas Cowboys..ish!

I think these flags are cute. I took white cardboard box and quick painted the red and blue. Then I cut out the star from another piece of cardboard and glued it on the flag.

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