Simple Summer Beaded Bracelets

I wanted to make some simple pretty beaded bracelets now that it's summer. I started making one and all my kids said they wanted some too. Good thing they don't take to long to make. These are super easy. If you can make a knot, you can make this bracelet. 

I used DMC craft thread.

And lots of cheap small beads that I had laying around. These can be found Hobby Lobby or any craft store.

First I cut two pieces about 2 feet long and knotted the top leaving a few inches for tying.

To help make this easier I took a safety pin and pinned the knot to a towel. You can also pin it to a pant leg.

So one piece of the threads is going to hold the beads. Simply slide a bead up one of the threads. If you need help threading the beads, use a needle. I discovered even my 6 year old can thread a needle and she made bracelets of her own.

Then tie a simple knot with the other side of the thread.. Keep adding beads until you get your desired length. When you are done, tie another simple knot and trim the ends. And then knot them around your wrist or your kids' wrists. I ended up making 10 this time. Everyone wanted several.


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