DIY No Sew Burlap Banner

I have discovered burlap banners and found that I love them. However at the moment I have a sewing handicap. Thus I wanted to make a NO SEW burlap banner. I picked Texas Forever, well because I'm from Texas and love this state. There is no one prouder than a Texan. But you can put on the banner what ever you like.

Happy Birthday
Let's Eat
Eat Cake
Just Hitched
Mr & Mrs

You need:
1/2 yard of burlap
liquid stitch
craft paint
stippling brush

On MS Word, open a 3x3 triangle. Print it off on card stock. Either trace with sharpie marker or free hand cut around the triangles. I did freehand. I love imperfect things.

Cut enough triangles to say what you want.

Lay your stencils over the burlap.

With your paint brush fill in the stencil area.

Let dry.

All the letters are ready.

Take the liquid stitch and spread it on the area of the ribbon to be covered by the top of the triangle.

Press the burlap onto the ribbon.

Keep going.

The finished product!

You can also watch my video on making the banner!


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