Get Flip Flop Worthy Heels

It's almost summer. Are your feet ready for flip flops? Don't gross out strangers and your friends by showing off your nappy heels.  The key to nice smooth heels is to pay attention to them. Your feet, especially your heels can easily become overlooked.

 There are 6 main items I use to get baby soft heels.

1. Coconut Oil. It's a moisturizer and an exfoliator. It's also antibacterial and antiviral and did I mention anti fungal. If you got something going on with your feet, this will surely help. I put this on after a bath or shower.

2. Olive Oil. Another great moisturizer. I put this on instead of coconut oil sometimes or layer it on top. It's heavier than coconut oil. I use this when my feet need extra attention.

3. Sally Hansen Callus & Foot Softener. This stuff works!!!!!!!! Apply to your heels for a minute and then rinse clean. It's goes to work breaking down and removing dead skin cells. Use once a week. This is like the stuff they use in Nail Salons.

4. Ped Egg. This is a great invention to get rid of the dry dead skin that builds up on your heels. Gently rub it back and forth over the heel area. Don't go crazy with the exfoliation. Do a little each time.

5. Buffing pad. I like to use this after I use the Ped Egg. I use a gritty one. I think it helps to give a smooth finish to my heels before I use the buffer on the bottom of the Ped Egg.

6. Toe-less Socks. Take old ankle socks and cut off the toe half. I hate sleeping in socks in the warm summer months. This way my heels can stay nice and moisturized in the socks and my toes can stay cool. I put these on after a bath or shower. Put a little olive oil on your heel and then slip on the toe less socks. This is a great night time treatment.

Follow these simple treatments and your callus cracked dry heels will be NO MORE.  


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