Old Shoes & Cheetah Redos

Jessica has a pair of old shoes that she wears frequently. They were dirty and I decided to throw them in the washer. The shoes came out clean, but the laces were still pretty gross. So I took them out and wanted to try putting ribbons in her shoes. They turned out very cute. I turned them into slip ons. Because it was ribbon and ribbon frays, I needed to secure the ribbons in place. She runs and plays in these shoes and I didn't want to be constantly tying the ribbons.

Take an old pair of shoes and remove the laces.

Jessica loves cheetah. It's hard to put ribbon though the little holes in the shoes. Make it easier by rolling it between your fingers.

Start lacing up your shoes.

Finish to the end.

I stuck in an extra piece of ribbon in hot pink under the beginning of the knot.

Tie a pretty bow!

I had to sew it into one piece. I never wanted to tie these shoes or have the extra ribbons come out. Start at the bottom on the underside and pull up to the side, by pulling the middle wrap over. I did about 4 wrap arounds for each shoe.

Then tie off underneath.

Cut your ribbons to a desired length. I wanted them short so she wouldn't step on them.

Keep them from fraying. Use a flame and run it quickly at the ribbons edge. This will melt the ribbons and prevent fraying.

Ta Da!


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