Cheetah Cork Board

I made this Cheetah cork board the other day for my daughter Jessica. She loves cheetah print. It was so easy. 

What you need:

  1. cork board (I used 11x19)
  2. old picture frame larger than the cork board
  3. hot glue and hot glue gun
  4. cheetah print ribbon or any ribbon...long enough to fit your cork board (1 spool in 1.5 inch width) case of mistakes
  5. black ribbon....long enough to fit your cork board (1 spool in 1.5 inch width)
  6. curly letter from Hobby Lobby

How To:

  1. find an old picture frame and gut it. measure the inside of the frame and head to Hobby Lobby to find a cork board that will fit on the inside with about 1/2 inch of space all around the cork board. 
  2. fold the cheetah ribbon around the cork board and hot glue it to the cork board.
  3. hot glue the black ribbon to the side edges of the picture frame backing (the part that holds in the picture).
  4. hot glue the cork board in the center of the picture frame backing and the black ribbon trim.
  5. fit the frame on the the frame backing
  6. paint your curly letter in hot pink and finish it off with more cheetah ribbon tied into a bow.
  7. hot glue the letter to the cork board.


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