DIY Tutus

It's so super easy to make a TUTU. Did you know you can make one with just three items?

  1. Tulle spools, any colors, the more you get the fluffier the tutu becomes. Try 3 different spool colors for a super cute tutu for your toddler.
  2. Elastic band 1inch in width
  3. Staples, 2 will do

You don't need to cut straight lines either. You simply need to know how to make a KNOT.

1. Measure your child's waist. Now subtract a few inches, because you want the elastic band to stretch to fit. Cut the elastic band and staple the two ends together with your stapler. You can sew the two ends together if your a crafty kinda girl. This is just easier. The staples will be covered by the tulle, so they won't poke your child. 

2. Now, how long do you want the tutu ? Ending at the knee or just below the knee or Cinderella style length? Measure where you want it to end and double that. So if your length is 10 inches measured, you are going to cut 20 inch strands of tulle. Cut several to fit around the elastic. 

3. Now here comes the fun part. Knotting The Tulle. To do this, I sat in a chair, crossed one leg over the other and looped the elastic around my foot. This made it easier, so I wouldn't have to hold the elastic while I knotted the tulle. Take a strand of tulle or two strands layered together. Wrap around the elastic and knot it. Keep going all the way around until there is on visible elastic. Have Fun!


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