Tissue Paper Poms

I wanted to do some tissue paper poms for Jessica's birthday. They added such a cute touch. They are a cheap and easy decoration.

What you need:
1. one to two bobby pins for each pom or thin craft wire
2. two yards ribbon for each pom
3. hot glue gun with glue
4. 10 pieces of tissue paper for each pom.

Hobby Lobby sells their tissue paper packets in sheets of 10. They are only a $1. And they make the perfect size pom for your party. I bought several of them in different colors.

First take your sheets of tissue and trim the edges to your desired shape. I used half circles, but you can also use triangles.

Next you need to accordion fold your tissue paper. 

This is what it looks like all done.

The next part I cheated on. I didn't have any thin craft wire. So, I took some bobby pins and put one on. You can use two to give extra reinforcement. One on each side. Put them directly in the center.

Next I hot glued the ribbon to the bottom of one of the bobby pins. My ribbon was 2 yards long. At the other end of the ribbon I tied a double knot to use for hanging.

Open your accordion folds. 

Start pulling at the tissue paper. One by one. Pull one sheet on one side and alternate as you go. 

The finished tissue paper pom.


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