Mini Wreaths for Birthday Party Crafts

I have tons of ribbon at my house and tons of ribbon comes with lots of leftover ribbon spools. I thought they would make a great mini wreath craft for a birthday party.

All you need are ribbon spools, ribbon cut into 8 to 10 inch strips depending on the size of the ribbon spools and some hot glue.

We ended up using spools that held 5/8 inch ribbons. You will need about 18 to 24 ribbons cut in 8 to 10 inch strips to cover a spool. 

Simply start tying knots all around the spool. Make sure you use double knots in each ribbon and keep the knots on the top edge.

When you have filled in your spool, remember to leave some room for a hanging loop. Take a ribbon, hot glue it to the inside and wrap it around and then leave enough to loop it around and glue it to the inside again. 

Afterward you can trim off uneven lengths of ribbons .

Simple, quick mini wreath! Or if you don't want to do the loop, it's a great bracelet for a girl. Just add extra ribbon knots instead of a hanging loop.


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