Hello Kitty Birthday Party Cupcake Topper

So today I finished the Hello Kitty Cupcake Toppers for Jessica's birthday party coming up. They were so easy, Jessica even helped me.

First I took the same Hello Kitty image that I found off Google Images. Check the previous Hello Kitty Birthday Party Invitations to find the link. I then sized the image down to a little larger than an inch and wrote "Happy Birthday" above and "Jessica" below in the same font I've used on the other party stuff, Curlz MT in 14. I printed off 24 to make 12 cupcake toppers, front and back.

I then gathered my needed supplies:

1. Two different size hole punchers. One about 1.8 inches and one about 2.3 inches.  You can adjust to your own needs.
2. one sheet zebra scrapbook paper
3. one sheet pink scrapbook paper.
4. glue stick
5. 12 toothpicks

Next I took my hole punches and punched out the Hello Kitties. Then I took my larger hole punch and cut out 12 zebra circles and 12 pink circles.

Then I took the glue stick and glued a Hello Kitty to each of the zebra and pink circles. Once they were dry I glued the zebra and pink circles together and stuck a toothpick with the head covered in glue between the two.

This is what it looked like finished!

Can't wait to actually take pictures with them in the cupcakes. So excited!


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