Hello Kitty Birthday Banner

So the invitations went out. Now I just need to start putting the decorations together. Yesterday, I put the hanging birthday sign together.

I took the same Hello Kitty image that I found on Google Images. If you want the link, please look at the previous blog post for Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations. I copied and pasted it into a Word Doc and sized to the  size I wanted. Next I took the font to 130 with Curlz MT and wrote out" Happy Birthday Jessica" with enough space between each letter so I could cut them out. I printed it off and used a square paper punch to cut each one out. I purposely made some off center. I thought it made it look cuter. I didn't want each one perfect...and that would have taken forever. Then I glued the squares to a piece of pink paper and cut larger squares out around the letter boxes. Next I got a thin piece of green satin ribbon cut to measure the length of each word and taped the ribbon to the back of the cut squares.

I loved the way it turned out. Wonder what else I will make for her party. I'm thinking large tissue paper poms to hang from the ceiling. Maybe that will be my next blog!

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