The Cheer Bucket Gone Viral

So, if you haven't guessed by now, I'm a cheer mom. I love to see my little girl cheering and dancing on the sideline enjoying herself. I know it's not cheer season right now, but I thought I'd post today about our Saint's Team Cheer Buckets and how we put them together. When we made ours for the fall 2011 season, I searched online for any "how to"s. I couldn't find any. And for that matter I only found a few pics of actual cheer buckets. I was quite disappointed. So I knew when I started my blog, this would be a post. 

All of our supplies came from Hobby Lobby except for the buckets themselves which came from Walmart. We were lucky in that the Saint's colors are gold and black and Walmart had black 5 gallon paint buckets. I will say though, that we ended up going to several, and I mean SEVERAL different Walmarts to acquire all 8 buckets.

Christmas and Homecoming stuff was very plentiful in Hobby Lobby when we were putting our buckets together. We were able to use lots of those decorations. Each bucket worked out to be just $24. The reason why our buckets were a little more expensive was because of the Minky fabric we put on the top for the seat. Another cheer mom, Tammy, fell in love with it when she saw it and we had to get it. The extra price was well worth it though. Minky fabric is so luscious. The girls enjoyed having somewhere soft to put their bottoms during the games.

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So one night Tammy and I put the design together and we came up with this cheer bucket. We were so proud. Then we enlisted the help of the other cheer moms to help finish the buckets. 

1.  We hot glued the ribbons onto the top of each other and hot glued them to the bucket along the bottom.

2. Measure 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch foam padding  for the bucket seat. Cut it out and hot glue to the lid.

3. Measure the fabric for the lid. Cover the lid with the fabric and hot glue the fabric to the side of the lid covering the foam. DO NOT glue the fabric to the underside. Only the side. If you go underneath, you will not be able to close your bucket with the lid. Trim off excess fabric from the sides. 

4. We covered up where we trimmed the fabric off by using ric rac ribbon trim. We hot glued it also. We ended up using lots of hot glue. The best thing. We went through several bags of the stuff.

5. Then we hot glued Christmas garland around the top of the bucket and added a Fleur de lis ornament to the side of the handle.

6. On the other side we took gold paint pen and wrote Saint's on one side of the ribbon and Cheer on the other side of the ribbon. So that when you tied them on the bucket they would face the same way.

7. We then took lots of ribbons and cut them into 6 to 8 inch pieces and knotted them along the metal part of the handle.

8. Next we took stencils and gold paint pen and painted each girl's name onto the buckets.

9. Lastly we cemented large size gems around their names. 

Each girl had a nice cushy place to sit in the hot Texas sun.

And they made such cute additions to the sidelines.


Anonymous said…
Such a great idea I am on my way to doing ours now thanks for the tips...angela dumm
Anonymous said…
Great Buckets! Tell me, what size lettering did you use?
Rebekah Cooksey said…
Thanks for the tips! I've been trying to find how-to's to get the lids padded and you described it the best. Appreciate it!
Breezy Kirkland said…
Could make ours I will be sure to pay.
Call/Message: 6783682725

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