Breastfeeding! It’s SEXY!!!!!

Lately you here about so many celebrities touting the benefits of breastfeeding and how formula is evil. They have even gone so far as breastfeeding in public and feeding children who are not their own. I began to wonder, Is a change going on? Breastfeeding is now the popular thing to do. In fact it’s downright trendy. Go to the play area at any mall in the morning and your guaranteed to see a nursing mom breastfeeding her baby covered by a hooter hider. Target and Wal-Mart now have exclusive areas just for breastfeeding products. Clothing lines are developed for breastfeeding moms and have you seen some of the new nursing bras? A few are just downright SEXY!

I am from a generation of formula fed babies…a generation of moms who were told by formula companies that formula was better than breast milk. I decided to break it down. What’s so great about breastfeeding? Besides the fact the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends breastfeeding for a year, why should you breastfeed you baby? 

So here’s the kicker. Babies were born to breastfeed and moms were made to produce milk. From the time we are about 16 weeks pregnant our breasts are producing colostrum. The liquid gold for babies. The stuff that’s full of immunities for healthy little ones. After delivery hormones kick in and in a few days our breasts are starting to produce milk. Milk that has living cells in it to fight bacteria and viruses. These cells are power houses. They can kick the butts of the common cold, ear infections, even dare I say it? CANCER! Yes, you heard right. Breastfeeding your baby prevents cancer not only for little Lucy, but for you too.

Another nice point. Burn an extra 600 calories a day breastfeeding. So many extra calories are needed to produce milk that you can literally snack all day and still lose weight. Imagine being one of those hot mommas who get back into their skinny jeans so quickly after birth and still have a nice boob size to keep your man happy. 

And did you know breast milk actually tastes good. It’s warm, sweet goodness. Your baby is eating what you’re eating. If you’re having strawberries for an afternoon snack, well your baby is having strawberries for dinner. Spit up won’t stain clothes like formula can and poop doesn’t even stink. Don’t waste your money on a diaper pail until you start solid food. Then it’s a whole new ball game. 

Let’s think about where formula comes from. It’s milk from a cow, that’s been processed with additives. So what do cows eat? Grass. So, your baby is eating the same thing every meal with no variety. They are not your pets, people. They don’t need the same dog chunks every day like Fido does.
And how about the fact that breastfeeding may save your baby’s life. Of children who die of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, very few are ever breastfeed babies. The majority are formula fed infants. 

Another great fact. Breastfeeding makes you feel good. Endorphins and hormones are released when you breastfeed to help you relax and bond with your baby. Postpartum depression can be a concern for some moms. Why not do everything you can to help prevent it? 

These are just a few of the wonderful reasons to breastfeed. It’s no wonder so many celebrities are advocates. Being a breastfeeding mom is the thing to do. I don’t think this trend will end anytime soon.


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