My Bloody Valentine Manicure

Sephora by OPI in Dear Diary and Nicole by OPI in Stolen Kisses

So I would like to consider myself a nail artist. I mean, anybody can be an artist, right? I call my kids artist all the time. I actually like doing my own nails. Sometimes, I even think I do a great job. I thought this would make a great blog for a Sunday afternoon. I call this manicure My Bloody Valentine.

Pretty appropriate, huh? Valentine's Day is coming. You can use any two nail polish colors as long as one is dark and one is sheer pale. I chose Sephora by OPI in Dear Diary and Nicole by OPI in Stolen Kisses. 

The dark color is removed with the brush

The light coat is added to the top.

 The first hand is done.

 My colors and nail polish removing brush

Use an old towel to keep your brush clean

  1. Perform a regular manicure on yourself. File, Buff, and apply a base coat.
  2. Take your dark color and apply to the moon of your nail bed and up along the sides and sparingly towards the center. Don't worry if you mess up. That's the beauty of this manicure. 
  3. Get a eyeline brush. This is a great secret to getting a salon manicure. Pour out a little bit of nail polish remover into the bottle lid. And get an old towel. Work some of the polish off with the brush and leave the polish along the edges of the nail. It can be streaky. That's the look we want.
  4. Take your sheer color and cover the nail.
  5. Top with a top coat.
  6. Take your nail polish removing brush and gently go along the cuticle area with the brush to clean up the nail. My nail brush is a Ecotools bamboo angled eyeliner brush. It's the perfect. It's thin and just the right shape to get at the cuticle and clean up my polish mistakes! And it's made it through so many manicures. 


Anonymous said…
Love your blog Jenn!! Very cute ideas!
Jenn Conway

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