DIY Ribbon Topiary

I love ribbon. Let me say that again. I LOVE ribbon. It’s the best feature of my creations. I thought today I would show how to make a ribbon topiary. I picked today, because I have been working on a rather large order and thought now would be easiest to take pics all at once. Want some great topiary ideas. Check out my topiary ideas page

1. Lots of ribbon. I would pick several different kinds of ribbon out. At least 6 different spools. They can be various widths, but if they are similar in widths the wreath is easier to put together. You can use grosgrain, organza, or satin.
2. The largest pack of straight pins you can find….go for the 750 pack.
3. one 5 inch Styrofoam ball. Make sure it’s the white craft kind, not the green one.
You will also need a 12 dowel rod, small pot, floral foam for the pot, and some tulle or paper grass to cover the floral foam in the pot.


1. Cut all your ribbons into 4 inch strips.

2. Wrap your ribbons into circles and pin onto the ball.

DSCN22853. Cover the entire ball with ribbons. Practice with the widths and how loopy you make your ribbons to get your desired ribbon topiary.

4. The next part is all up to you. You can use a small pail or a pained pot, or any container will do. Fit the pot with some floral foam. Stick the dowel into the ball about 1 to 2 inches and then stick the other end of the dowel into the pot. Next, cover your pot with tulle.

You did it!!!!!


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